Monday, November 12, 2007

Lor Mee @ Perak Road

copy & paste from wikipedia

"Lor mee (Chinese: 卤面) is a Chinese-inspired noodle dish served in a thick starchy gravy and thick flat yellow noodles (also known as lor mee). The dish is eaten by Hokkiens (Min Nan speakers) in Singapore and Malaysia. The thick gravy is made of corn starch, spices and eggs. The ingredients added into the noodles are usually ngo hiang, fish cake, fish, round and flat meat dumplings (usually pork), half a boiled egg, and other items depending on the stall and the price paid. Vinegar and garlic can be added as an optional item. The dish is also eaten with red chilli. Traditional versions also include bits of fried fish as topping though few stalls serve this version anymore."

They used to be just a small stall @ a coffee shop. Today, they moved to a new coffeeshop and have about 6 people running the stall just to accommodate their customer's orders...

Some place's lor mee taste funny... or should i say their spices are too empowering it just turns you off before you even eat it or after just one taste. But this one.... this one is really nice. Well balanced. Cooked to perfection I'll say.

Location: Along Perak Road

Price: RM2.50 (normal)

Rating: 7.5/10



walao eh...cannot tahan liao~


btw, i've grab a scrren shot from yo blog and put it in my post, hope u don't mind ya~


ei..y so long no new post liao eh?
is this blog abandoned?

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