Monday, November 12, 2007

Noor Bee Nasi Melayu - Tg Tokong

This is a hidden jewel of the island... Delicious home cook malay food which is quite sold out by 12.00pm. Economy food style @ very very reasonable pricing.

We were there at about 12.00pm and 60% of the tray were quite empty.

Bits and pieces here and there... We'll have to come again and try!

But this 'kacang botol' cooked with onions and red chilli is yummy! It taste like laksa! Yumm!

Chicken, some vege and tau kua.... @ RM3.50; reasonable what right? Drumstick some more..

Location: At the traffic light before Penang Chinese Swimming Club, turn right into Tg Tokong old flats. First turning on the right, turn again and start looking for car park :) Then look for Noor Bee's Nasi Melayu. (Not diff - go where the crowd is! Advise is to go early)

Pricing: Reasonable

Rating: 7.5/10

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