Monday, November 12, 2007

Ah Pom @ Golden Sands Hawkers

There are many kinds of ah pom aka pancakes in Malaysia. There are:

  1. Chinese style - "ban chien kuih" which is served with lots of peanuts and corn
  2. Chinese style - "ah pom" which is served with banana
  3. Indian style - 'apom telur' which really is just flour, egg & sugar...

This one is apom telur, the indian style... it is thick in the middle while thin & crispy on the sides. Very yummy!

Cooked using small woks over hot charcoal and bare hands! You will have to peel it with ur hands because of the thin skin before it is over cooked! Lots of experience needed...

Note: I forgot to take the pic of the final product coz we 'ta pao' home. Will do it the next time!

Location: Golden Sands Hawker Stall, beside Penang Chinese Swimming Club

Price: RM2.00 for 5 pcs or RM0.50 per pcs (of course 5 pc!)

Rating: Very yummy! 8/10

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ah pom with kaya very nice de~