Monday, November 12, 2007

Chinese Pasembur (cheh hu) @ Lebuh Cecil Market

This is one of the busiest market in Penang. Right in the smack of Penang. Once you enter, there are so many stalls; even just deciding where to sit is a problem.

Chinese pasembur aka 'cheh hu'. It is a salad of fritters, shredded fresh vegetables, jelly fish, sesame seeds and the plum flavored sauce is sweeter instead of spicy peanut sauce used for indian pasembur.

Location: Lebuh Cecil Hawker Stall

Price: RM2.30

Rating: 6.5/10



thanks for the pasembur sharing.
btw, anyone know y r people calling this thing "green fish"?

The Baker said...

I think it means raw not green? And I believe it's because of the jelly fish! hahahaha... btw, cheh hu & pasembur different-le...