Monday, November 12, 2007

Lor Mee @ Perak Road

copy & paste from wikipedia

"Lor mee (Chinese: 卤面) is a Chinese-inspired noodle dish served in a thick starchy gravy and thick flat yellow noodles (also known as lor mee). The dish is eaten by Hokkiens (Min Nan speakers) in Singapore and Malaysia. The thick gravy is made of corn starch, spices and eggs. The ingredients added into the noodles are usually ngo hiang, fish cake, fish, round and flat meat dumplings (usually pork), half a boiled egg, and other items depending on the stall and the price paid. Vinegar and garlic can be added as an optional item. The dish is also eaten with red chilli. Traditional versions also include bits of fried fish as topping though few stalls serve this version anymore."

They used to be just a small stall @ a coffee shop. Today, they moved to a new coffeeshop and have about 6 people running the stall just to accommodate their customer's orders...

Some place's lor mee taste funny... or should i say their spices are too empowering it just turns you off before you even eat it or after just one taste. But this one.... this one is really nice. Well balanced. Cooked to perfection I'll say.

Location: Along Perak Road

Price: RM2.50 (normal)

Rating: 7.5/10

Assam Laksa @ Gurney Drive

copy & paste straight from wikipedia my fave source!
"Penang laksa (Malay: Laksa Pulau Pinang), also known as assam laksa from the Malay for tamarind, comes from the Malaysian island of Penang. It is made with mackerel (ikan kembung) soup and its main distinguishing feature is the assam or tamarind which gives the soup a sour taste. The fish is poached and then flaked. Other ingredients that give Penang laksa its distinctive flavour include lemongrass, galangal (lengkuas) and chilli. Typical garnishes include mint, pineapple slices, thinly sliced onion, hε-ko, a thick sweet prawn paste and use of torch ginger flower. This, and not 'curry mee' is the usual 'laksa' one gets in Penang. "
Asam Laksa is another dish which is synonymous to Penang... There are really just so many types of laksa... for more, read it up here

This bowl is without vege. Only noodle, soup & lots of chilli!

This one is the normal one... with vege, fish ball and more vege!

Location: Gurney Drive Hawkers

Rating: 6/10 (so-so only)

Duck Koay Teow Th'ng @ Lebuh Cecil

Most of the koay teow th'ng in Penang is cooked with chicken/pork.. Not very often do you find duck meat koay teow th'ng. It is not easy to cook good duck meat koay teow th'ng too!

This one is delicious... The soup is just so tasty you cannot stop slurping. It is served with duck meat, duck skin, duck intestines, fish cake slices & fish ball.

For those who haven't tried this.... You really don't know what you're missing out on!

Location: Lebuh Cecil Hawker Stalls (opened 7.30am - 7.00pm)

Price: TBA

Rating: 8/10

Lo Han Kuo @ Lebuh Cecil

Lo Han Kuo is a type of fruit which is used for medical purposes or as a sweetener. This stall has turned this 'herbal' drink into a dessert. He adds 'rambutan', longan, lychee & sea coconut to enhance its taste.

A very tasty drink especially on a hot day!

Location: Lebuh Cecil Hawker Stall

Price: RM2.00/bowl

Rating: 7/10

Chinese Pasembur (cheh hu) @ Lebuh Cecil Market

This is one of the busiest market in Penang. Right in the smack of Penang. Once you enter, there are so many stalls; even just deciding where to sit is a problem.

Chinese pasembur aka 'cheh hu'. It is a salad of fritters, shredded fresh vegetables, jelly fish, sesame seeds and the plum flavored sauce is sweeter instead of spicy peanut sauce used for indian pasembur.

Location: Lebuh Cecil Hawker Stall

Price: RM2.30

Rating: 6.5/10

Ah Pom @ Golden Sands Hawkers

There are many kinds of ah pom aka pancakes in Malaysia. There are:

  1. Chinese style - "ban chien kuih" which is served with lots of peanuts and corn
  2. Chinese style - "ah pom" which is served with banana
  3. Indian style - 'apom telur' which really is just flour, egg & sugar...

This one is apom telur, the indian style... it is thick in the middle while thin & crispy on the sides. Very yummy!

Cooked using small woks over hot charcoal and bare hands! You will have to peel it with ur hands because of the thin skin before it is over cooked! Lots of experience needed...

Note: I forgot to take the pic of the final product coz we 'ta pao' home. Will do it the next time!

Location: Golden Sands Hawker Stall, beside Penang Chinese Swimming Club

Price: RM2.00 for 5 pcs or RM0.50 per pcs (of course 5 pc!)

Rating: Very yummy! 8/10

Noor Bee Nasi Melayu - Tg Tokong

This is a hidden jewel of the island... Delicious home cook malay food which is quite sold out by 12.00pm. Economy food style @ very very reasonable pricing.

We were there at about 12.00pm and 60% of the tray were quite empty.

Bits and pieces here and there... We'll have to come again and try!

But this 'kacang botol' cooked with onions and red chilli is yummy! It taste like laksa! Yumm!

Chicken, some vege and tau kua.... @ RM3.50; reasonable what right? Drumstick some more..

Location: At the traffic light before Penang Chinese Swimming Club, turn right into Tg Tokong old flats. First turning on the right, turn again and start looking for car park :) Then look for Noor Bee's Nasi Melayu. (Not diff - go where the crowd is! Advise is to go early)

Pricing: Reasonable

Rating: 7.5/10

M-I-A for a while

Just realized that we have been quite for nearly half a month now! Oh well... we've been very busy with many many things...
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